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For over thirty five years, Milton Keynes City Orchestra has brought a wealth of live music and music making to people in and around Milton Keynes, through its concerts, recordings and education and outreach activities.

Although Milton Keynes City Orchestra receives public funding to support its activities, a large proportion of our annual income is self-generated. Individual donations and bequests form a vital part of this income. Leaving a legacy to Milton Keynes City Orchestra will not only ensure that your money is used tax effectively, but it will also help to keep Milton Keynes City Orchestra in keeping music live.

It is for this reason that we are asking our Patrons, supporters and audiences to consider leaving a legacy to Milton Keynes City Orchestra. Through such gifts our future is assured and music lovers will be able to enjoy the work of Milton Keynes City Orchestra for many years to come. This information aims to answer some of the more commonly asked questions about making a Will and outlines some of the ways in which you can help.

Why should I make a Will?

Making a Will enables you to decide what will happen to your property and possessions after your death and it ensures that they are distributed according to your wishes. If you do not make a Will, the Government decides what will happen to your estate and, if you have no living relatives, your entire estate will go to the Government. Making a Will is the only way you can be certain that your money goes to the people and causes that you care about most.

How do I make my Will?

Anyone over the age of 18 may make Will, as long as you fully understand the implications of your decisions. Your Will must either by typed or handwritten and must be signed by you, or by someone directed by you to sign on your behalf. This signature must be witness by two persons who are non-beneficiaries. It is usual for your solicitor to look after you Will. Making a Will is quite straightforward, but as it is a legal document, we advise you to obtain legal advice from a solicitor before making or changing your Will.

What do I do next?

If you already have a Will, you may want to consider adding a Codicil. A Codicil acts as a supplement or an addition to your original Will, which can stipulate any amendments(s) you would like to make. (An example of a Codicil can be found to follow).

If you decide to leave a legacy to Milton Keynes City Orchestra (after you have provided for your family and friends) you can either leave a pecuniary legacy where a specific sum of money is bequeathed to the Orchestra, a “residual” legacy where the remainder or a portion of the remainder of your estate is bequeathed to the Orchestra (after all other gifts, taxes and expenses have been paid) or a specific legacy where specific items, such as instruments, are bequeathed to the Orchestra.

Unrestricted pecuniary or residual legacies, enable us to support areas of the orchestra's work with the greatest need at any one time. If, however, you would like a particular area of the orchestra's work to benefit from your legacy, some examples that you may wish to consider can be found below:

* Supporting the artistic programme and concert activity of Milton Keynes City Orchestra

* Purchasing new music for Milton Keynes City Orchestra

* Supporting education and outreach activity

* Commissioning a new piece of music for Milton Keynes City Orchestra

Milton Keynes City Orchestra is a registered charity (number 271108), which means that any bequests you may consider leaving to us are not liable to inheritance tax.

We are extremely grateful to you for reading about, and perhaps considering, leaving a legacy to Milton Keynes City Orchestra. The support given to us by individual donors is highly valued, and your gift will help to keep the Orchestra love for future generations of music lovers.

If you decide to leave a legacy to the Milton Keynes City Orchestra, it would help us greatly to know of your intentions. We would also value the opportunity to thank you in person for your gift.

Please call Anna Denny on 01908-558311 for an informal and private conversation.

Milton Keynes City Orchestra, 3 Theatre Walk, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 3PX

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