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When I suggested in a  fit of 'crazy flu' that I took part in the first ever MK Marathon on 29th April 2012 to raise money for our dear Milton Keynes City Orchestra I was only half serious. When people started taking me seriously, I took it seriously. Little did I know what I had let myself in for.

Here is my Marathon training update, please let it be over soon - Nick Cutts, Operations Manager.

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Hi folks-i did it ! it took me longer than I thought - 5 hours and 29 minutes, but I still did knee went on me early but I struggled to the end and hopefully have raised over £2500 for the orchestra. Thanks to everyone who supported me today, it was a lot harder than I thought ! and now I am soooo stiff, I can hardly move. see you at the concerts now. This is the the official 'yes it really is over' end to my blog. Thanks everyone...and bye for now

27.04.12: The Last entry.

Sporadic updates this week, its been very busy and personally a nigthmare.  However the knee is holding up - big thanks to Phil Croney at Energie in Newport Pagnell. The man is a genuis and has got my knee moving a little. Go see phil !

Anyway, the training is tapering off now and today is my last run (ever?). I thought I'd sign off with a thankyou - firstly to my wife who has supported me through 9 months of hard slog, getting up early, moaning (mine), whinging and general running-ness all the time. Secondly to all of you, for reading, supporting and donating.  I really hope you have enjoyed reading my blog. Come and throw me a wave if you see me at the weekend - i'll respond and smile sweetly through the pain. Good luck to my fellow runners and most of all - keep coming to the orchestra concerts, they are bloomin' good.  Best wishes Nick


One week to go folks!! 500 miles of training, 9 months of exercise, 3 hours every weekend, planning routes, drinking water, eating energy gels, the knee problems ....and it comes down to this. Sunday 29th April .10a.m.

I am scared, excited, nervous and ready to run my little long legs off to raise money. I ran again today and it was good, not perfect, but good. I ran for over an hour round the fields of Woburn. I got overtaken by a horse at one stage ! I am going for a mega massage tomorrow to unravel my twisted ligaments and hope that my pains decreases. I have my meal plan for this week, am gonna set my ipod up with inspirational music and the clock is officially out for - come and cheer everyone on and watch me either run or run and walk the marathon. I'll keep updating until friday as i'm running all week (gently).  Then i'll let you know how much we have raised....keep giving folks, its all for a really good cause. The Orchestra :-)



Is BACK ! I ran again today. The build up to this day has been immense - I decided to try again today, but very gently. I was so worried last night about what may happen if my knee went again that I may have consumed quite a lot of the old vino...(naughty nick), I also ate like a pig yesterday - 2 salmon sushi rolls, one chicken salad and one of those nice prawn things fromm Waitrose with the dip? you know. My wife made me the worlds largest salad last night too (Thanks Em), so I am absolutely packed full of carbs. So, I awoke at stupid-o-clock today and went t the gym full of angst about the knee. Here was my technique - strap it up so tight that the ****** thing wouldn't move and then the following mantra began in my head ' You are Superman, You are superman'. With Mantra ticking over I boarded the treadmill, I was so pumped up from the mantra (and an energy gel) that I almost started crying with powerful pride (note to self use mantra more often). So I gave myself a hugeeee warm up of over ten minutes of walking, then burst into a slow jog - 5 mins, 10 mins...15 mins...20 mins! Nothing, although actually I couldn't feel my knee due to the tight strapping. Beaming from side to side and slowing my superman mantra down to a slight 'You are quite good' I left and did some cycling. Not over the knee, but perhaps gaining confidence in it. Its still bad, but hopefully with patience i'll get through all this. SPONSOR ME - this is very difficult.

Distance - who cares I can still run

Music - Playlist 4, including The Killers, Coldplay and 'I'm going home' by Chris Daughtry

Feelings - Superman is back in the building, but he has a bit of a bad knee.



Good Morning - not long to go now and its all getting very fraught ! I haven't run because I am concerned about my knee. I even made a trip the doctors and guess what ? - I have to have an MRI scan on knee to check if I have a tear in my cartilidge! Is this the end ? Not yet folks. But dark times and a lot of crossed fingers for next week. Anyway, hopefully rest and ice will have done it some good. I went swimming on sunday to try a little aerobic exercise - i can't swim very well, but it felt good to do something to keep the legs moving. Yesterday I went to the Gym and spent 15 minutes on the cross trainer and 15 mins on the bike - no ill effects on my knee so far ( so its just running ? ). I really need some sponsorship to encourage me at the moment, I have spent 9 months and about 600 miles in training gearing up for this and hopefully my body will make it. Cheer me on folks - i'll be a wreck by the end of this and possibly one legged after they amputate lol. I'll try jogging tomorrow and see what happens - that will determine quite a lot me thinks...

Stay Tuned



Large update today folks. Internet went at work alst Thursday, so its been very quiet on all fronts. Saturday run was good - I managed 15 miles in 2.5 hours. I ran round Willen Lake(s) and enjoyed the upturned swans bobbing for whatever they eat and the ace runners doing about 500 miles an hour past me as i huff and puff my way round. BUT I did it, but at a cost (and you'll see this is now becoming a trend). My knee seems to give out on me after a while. I get intense pain to the side of my knee and then I am aware that I am limping. Is this the end? I may have to see a doctor about this. Very worrying.

Today's run was supposed to be an hour, but again after 20 minutes of medium pace ithe knee started to twinge again. Help. I gave up and went onto the bike and cross trainer, so why didn't that hurt ? It can't be that bad surely ? So you see my problem - I am running a race longer than my journey to work and back in two weeks and now my body is saying 'No thankyou' - doctor first and let's see what he says. Let's hope this has not all been in vain.

Depressed of MK


Quick update today as I'm busy at work and tired because I started watching 'House' last night in bed and got a bit hooked ..zzzz. Anyway, as Daft Punk may say 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stringer' was the theme today. Fartlek training - 1 min fast, 1 min slow for 50 minutes. It was great - I ran over 6 miles an hour by the end and loved it. I do have a support on my knee and stink of Deep Heat...but all seems okay (ish) with my knee. Bring on the next one.

Oh btw - I am having some funny music related joggin pics taken tomorrow by the delgithful Marian Livingstone. With any luck they'll get in the local paper. Keep checking !

Distance: 4 miles

Music: watched the cricket on telly in gym

Effects: Total elation with a slight whiff of deep heat in the background.


The Willen Lake Torture Test Day. After all my sickness and whatnot I went out with a view to running for 3 hours and see what happened. Breakfast consisted of some toast and a cup of coffee. I took two large bottles of water and 2 running gels for energy later in the run. What happened afterwards was nothing short of a miracle ! I ran ...and ran...and ran. Just to give you an idea (and remembering that both lakes are 3.2 miles long) Lap 1 - 24 minutes. Lap 2- 25 minutes, Lap 3- 30, lap 4 25, lap 5 - 28. I was on sparkling form. I could've run a marathon on this day easily. But then disaster struck folks - my knee (which has been twitching for a while) gave out on me. It was so bad that it stopped me in my tracks as I hobbled and winced with pain. I tried to run it off, but simply couldn't move for about a minute. I walked for a while, limping slightly and hoping to get through it. I even started to run (slowly) again, but so as not to risk any more damage and with regret I gave up at 16 miles and went back to the car. Sheer frustration gripped me - on a day that I felt in such good condition?? why did the gods of olympus strike me down?  So, now I smell mostly of deep heat, which I have sprayed on my knee almost constantly. I have a large tight strapping type thing on my knee and leg (which has cut most of the curculation off) and am hoping that I can cure my self before the next run. Good news is - I can run ! bad news is - I can't run at the moment !

Music: New podcast - Simon Mayo's 'Confessions' (rememeber them from radio1?) very funny.

Distance: 16 miles !!

Effects: *see Knee


What am I doing today ! more importantly what has my wife bought me ? Hello folks - I put some energy powder in my water today in preparation for a 90 min run and all it did was set my tummy off and make it very uncomfortable to run. I managed a desperate hour and mins, but not quite my usual standard of high octane running. Damn you powders! I may just go back to water. Under a month to go folks and I am getting excited and also nervous. Can I do it ? what the hell am i doing ? and what if i fail (insecure mindset man). I have decided to go into overdrive with a view to completing the race and setting a good pace (am a poet) - a little cross training added in, cycling - really anything I can do to add in some fitness. Am I mad? probably.

Music: I am totally up to date with Jay and Silent Bob Get Old.

Distance: 5.6 miles.

Effects: Tummy pain and a great desire to go to the loo.


Interval training day or as we'd rather call it - FARTLEK !! Half an our of 1 min - fast, 1 min - slow. I loved it. I ran faster than ever. I went between 12km an hour and 5.5 - meaning7.5 miles an hour at my best. Captain speedy. I love this kind of training. But did anyone see Britains Got Talent - Jonathan and Charlotte? that song has been in my head all morning - 'the prayer' - what an amazing singer that guy is. and at 17 !! I'd also like to recommend getting a twix at the petrol station before you run - it got me filled up with the full power energy today, I am so excited and confident I can do this run. I am nearly at the point where I ahve to buy new running shoes to take me through the race. They cost a fortune ! I have spent so much money to raise money - 9 months at the gym and two pairs of running shoes (about £400 in total minimum). Sponsor me folks...

Distance: 3 miles Fartlek

Music: 'The Prayer' (in my head)

Effects: Elation, confidence and the need to buy more twix's


Hello. I never ask how you are dear reader. Did you have a good weekend? Running wise I most definitely did. I ran round Willen Lake 4 and a bit times - 14 miles or so ! it took me just over 2 hours - wow, these legs are made for running! The only thing I did find was that i could've carried on if I wasn't so devoid of energy. Why didn't I buy some running gels??? this could've been a monumental run ! I also noticed that when running round north and south willen there are a lot of moving obstacles - people walking round, people cycling, people walking 4 abreast. People, just let me by ! Anyway, I have a nice tan on my neck and am ready for the next try (3.15 hours next sunday). I need more sponsorship people - we're getting close and I want to come out of this with at least hero status..use paypal (its very easy) or fill in a sponsor form (which can be downloaded from this page).

Music: Jay and Silent Bob Get Old podcast/ running playlist 2

Effects: Hungry !

Distance: 14 miles..(not bad eh?)


Good Morning Orchestra/ running/ Nick fans(?). Didn't run at the weekend - had a concert instead, which takes up a whole sunday and normally involves moving from crisis to crisis or in my case 'Nice smooth rnning rehearsals and concerts' (as if). If you were there it was brilliant. If you weren't you missed a brilliant performance by Peter Moore on Trombone and an introduction to our very talented new Associate Composer, Emma-Ruth Richards.

So, guess what ? Our house has been hit by plague no.4 - kids vomitting all over the place. Poor little Olly (he's only 2.5) had it all last week and sure enough as soon as I am back at the strikes. BUT i did manage 30 mins of 3 min running and 1 min walking.  After that the tummy kicked in and it all got a little....bubbly. Here's hoping that it all goes away...sob.

Music: Jay and Silent Bob Get Old podcast

Effects: Sore tummy and no enthusiasm

Distance: 3 miles..(not bad eh?)


Two words - 'Hill Session'. In english this translates as 'Pure Torture for ones Thighs'. Anyway, the schedule says it, so i do it. I set the treadmill to stun and level 12. All I can say is that at one point the treadmill went near vertical at one point - you know those documentaries with bull elephant seals where they go from 'normal' seal position  - flopping around on their front, to 'I am quite angry' which means they raise themselves from what I want to call their 'waist'. You get the idea. Well imagine the treadmill doing that with a 6ft 5 man on the top. Pure comedy gold. I did this for about 25 minutes today with my Jay and Silent Bob podcast blasting away in my ears. I was thinking that I should name my schedule? It has been with me for 9 months, a bit like 'Willlsooon' in Castaway (The Ball). I was thinking of either 'Achilles' or 'Hermes'?

Good News / Bad News - Justgiving are incredibly slow and very unhelpful. We've given up and set up a paypal account to which you can send sponsor money - is our address at paypal, we'll sort out the gift aid from this end.

To the person who said my punctuation is bad (yes you). I know. I did start this by saying that I would type it all straight from my head onto the page ' Bridget style' - but if any book deals appear i'll clean it up a bit.

Music: Jay and Silent Bob Get Old podcast

Effects: Sore knees and thighs

Distance: Near Vertical, probably quite close to the gym ceiling or the sun.



Mega update. Sorry folks. No internet at work, so i have been starving you of delicious updates. However, we now have internet (thanks to EBS-IT).

So let's go back a bit.

My weekend run was amazing. I ran around both lakes at Willen and it was amazing.The sun was shining, I wore my Milton Keynes City Orchestra T-shirt (if you saw me) and ran in figure of 8's around both lakes three times. I make it about 11 miles and i ran it in.....90 minutes!! ! am I fast or what? I feel so excited by that run that its given me encouragement to keep going faster. I even managed to run around the dogs, cyclists, baby buggies and in-line skaters that inhabit the lakes. However, this is an amazing step forward. I sat on grass near the Pagoda after my run and listened to some lovely relaxing music with my trainers off. It was bliss....the sun shone on me and people stared at my t-shirt mouthing 'what does that say?' - worth sponsoring now? I have to say that i still had the energy to play footie with the kids after this run. Inspired by Sunshine..that's me.

Todays run (13th March) was equally joyous. I only had to run for 30 minutes, so I went for it, going a little faster each 5 minutes. God Knows what i listened to, but I had this weird experience - I imagine running to the last mile marker and people cheering me on to the finish line. I was so overcome by the idea that I nealry cried tears on the treadmill....but I stopped myself as i felt stupid.  I will use more positive reinforcing thoughts though. Keep reading and keep sponsoring folks..its getting closer.



Oh god - distaster struck yesterday. I ws getting back into shape after the lurgie by taking a long run around woburn/bow brickhill and my back went. It is agony every time I move. I walked back to my house (fast) and surprisingly I still managed 9/10 miles in 1.5 hours. Injuring cannot stop me (yet). Mrs Cutts was a real hero by getting the heat cream on my back last night, but I can't help but feel that yet again my progress in training will be slowed. E-sob. I am going to keep going though - i can't afford to stop training anymore and I want people to read this blog and realise that this is a run worth sponsoring due to the training required. I reckon that by the date of the race I will have run about 400-500 training miles for this event. Please sponsor me folks, it's gotta be worth going through all this agony for. Justgiving are so slow at getting this account set-up, but it is coming...(you can still pledge an amount to me at )

Distance: 9/10 miles

Music: Jay and Silent Bob get old podcasts.

Effects: Severe back twinges;enough to stop me running and make me walk. Back spasms all the time :-(



March is here folks and as the Marathon draws ever nearer I get ever more.....knackered ! The guide says 1hour 20 today, but due to my week of sickness last week I performed a lacklustre 50 mins! Actually it was okay. I started listening to my podcasts again to take my mind off things ( and the football score last night - does anyone else hate Arjen Robben?). I enjoyed my time. I really only stopped to get showered/ changed and off to work at a decent time. But i am heartened by the light evenings now - perhaps my 6.30am starts may finish and I can run in the evening ? Also has anyone noticed the fog today ? its like that John Carpenter film ..what was it called now .....oh yeah, The Fog ! anyway, very long run / walk for sunday - I will plan it tomorrow during my lunchbreak

Distance: 4.5 Miles

Music: Jay and Silent Bob get old (the podcast)

Effects: Fog on the way in ! Hungry and no running gels with me. Am I now dependent on running gels ?yikes.


OH DEAR, OH DEAR, this is my first update in a week and guess what ? I caught yet another bug from one the delightful little people in my house. I had a few days off work and gave myself some time off the tough training schedule (becuase I was ill and also didn't wanna get out of bed).  I returned to training yesterday and felt so refreshed ! I ran for 50 minutes (fartlek) one min fast, one min slow times ...quite a lot. NO NEWS FROM JUSTGIVING !! This is torture, but hopefully it will be sorted out. I have also made a decision 1) That if I walk some of the Marathon its not the end of the world 2) I may fast walk my 2.5 hour long run/walk this coming weekend. The reason for no.2 is because I just wanna try it and see how far I get walking fast for that long (and if its any different from my jogging distance/times). 2 months to go til the race and then I can get my life back. It was bliss not running at the weekend - firstly Liverpool won the Carling Cup and I saw it, and also i saw my family ! It was nice....I may get it back soon. Quick update this time as I'm at my desk at work and in the middle of next season planning. Keep checking blog lovers - its all about the money (repeat until fade) Ciao...


The weekend update is here! (on a monday) - this was a big weekend in the running training type thing. The (un)Official training run ( i couldn't get on the official one as it was booked up) . I Designed a course of about 9 miles with hills climbs, some descents and a real test for my already broken body. The actual route took me through  thw woods behind woburn, to bow brickhill, then to Woburn Sands and back into Woburn. It was my first real test - me again the clock ! The first few miles were slow, and for some reason agony ! I seem to only warm up after about 20 minutes?? I has my gels with me which really help - one every 25 minutes and a real energy boost, but for the first time I didn't have my usual runningg enthusiasm and vigour - nerves or boredom? Anyway, I managed it all and in quite good time - under 90 minutes which even I can guess is under 10 minutes a mile. Iand again I ran faster at the end than I did at the beginning - another weird running thing? No toilet problems either, so at least that's a bonus. Sponsorship is going well and I am sure justgiving will happen this week, so it will make it much easier to collect all your spare cash that you have for me. I have decided that I am not going to be one of those proud runners who can't walk a bit of the marathon if my body does fail me completely. Its all about the money. Not times, not conquering 26 miles. I am doing this purely for the money for the Orchestra. (inspiring huh?).

Distance: 9 Miles

Music: Can anyone lend me more music ? I am running out. But I did enjoy a lot of Oasis - anything with a good beat !

Effects: Pure boredom at the moment. I am getting into very long distance and my attention span is about 3 seconds. Knees okay. Body tired.


Another long run today, but with hard training comes good news too. So let's start with the bad. I had to run 70 mins today - managed over 6 miles at the gym and I felt very tired after about 20 minutes (no wonder when i start at 7.00am). But I carried on, zoned out, forget about the toilet problems and made it to 70 minutes. I actually had a weird moment at one hour when the treadmill decided to start slowing down - i beat the machine !! So, another training day ticked off. Good news is that sponsorship is going well (thanks everyone!) and that our new justgiving account is nearly set up (so you can sponsor me again). Second good news is all thanks to Interdirect - who created this beautiful website and are also planning to relay race the marathon -  the analytics section of the website is fixed, so i can see if anyone is reading this page ! (that could be bad news if I am the only one reading it). So thanks to the lovely people at Interdirect. So next comes my official training run - i've got a 12 mile route planned for satuday. Check back for progress reports. I'll keep you posted on justgiving too. Ciao folks!

Distance: 6.1miles

Music: Rizzle kicks again plus an interesting piece my compoer James Macmillan called 'Sunstone' (choral piece)

Effects: Early morning fatigue and boredom at the gym !


Happy Valentines Day everyone! Interval / Fartlek training today - one hour of 5 mins running/ one minute walking...started easy then got very knackering, but as always I completed it and am better for it. I forgot to mention this on sunday, but any facebook friends of mine will recognise this comment - I have got into the habit of starting to need the toilet halfway through a long run. It can be 1's or 2's buit I am quite perplexed as to why ? My wife thinks it is the change in diet, but I am convinced its all pyschological - i know that there is no toilet (for some reason that comment sounds a bit like a line from the Matrix 'there is no spoon'). Answers on a postcard to the usual email. I got more running gels yesterday, so today I had a burst of strawberry thanks to needing a bit of energy. I also changed my playlist - see below.

Distance: 4.95 miles.

Music: New playlist, including Rizzle Kicks ' Mama do the hump' - fantastic !

Effects: Its all about sore knees ! and my unusual toilet stuff



Sorry for the slow update blog readers - day off today, so I've been relaxing and catching up with my son.  So what's happened? well I ran my usual 30 mins on saturday (then worked at the concert at Stantonbury). Hardest 30 mins so far ! The air was so cold that I could hardly breathe! The ground didn't help as it was soo crunchy underfoot I slipped and slid all the way along. But nevermind, I got through it. Just. Sunday as always was the big one - 2 hours this week, so I decided to pick a route that was about 10-12 miles. I woke up bright and breezy (not) on sunday, warmed up, took on some water and went off on my way towards Wavendon. The route basically consisted of Woburn to the Stables roundabout, then back via a slightly altered route to add some mileage. The first few miles breezed by  I got to the roundabout just past the stables at 45 minutes. Pleasantly surprised !  The return leg was much more hard fought and some ! I also did my usual trick of getting lost a little in the backstreets of WAVENDON !! The return leg was made slightly more difficult by the amount of huge climbs towards the end of the run...very hard and I almost walked a bit as I thought i'd hit my wall. But I pushed and pushed myself through it, slowing my pace, keeping stong and remembering that with every climb comes a delightful descent...and it kept my mind focused. Impressed? I hope so. I was also pleasantly suprised that most of the Orchestra from saturday night sponsored me pushing the sponsor pot up by at least £200....big numbers coming hopefully Orchestra lovers. I'll reveal the final amount the day before I run the race.

Distance Sat) 2.5 miles Sun) 11/12 miles (got lost and confused)

Music: The final performance of running playlist 2 - number 3 had just been created !

Effects: I wore my knee support, so my knees are a bit better. Fatigue is a big problem, but i comes with the Territory. My Wife needs to learn some serious massage me thinks !


9th February 2012

A day for breaking records today! my run has slightly been overshadowed by Fabio cappello resigning as England Boss though. Anyway, I ran for one hour in the gym and managed it all with relative easy (even after waking up late). I am slightly concerned about my knees blog lovers - they ache all the time and after the Marathon i may have aged about 50 years. Will one of you volunteer to assist me with my daily life when i can't move properly ? as always email me at with tips or just to prove that someone reads this. Mega busy at work at the moment, which adds to the stress of running first thing in the morning then going straight into a very busy office. Pooped !! My wife is very understanding anf takes all my moaning and requests to put my feet up in the evening very well (mostly). Anyway, long run this weekend - made more difficult by the fact that we have a concert on saturday (stantonbury - get yourself a ticket )

Distance: 5.3 Miles

Times Taken: 60-minutes

Music: I must recommend 'Usher - Dj's got us falling in Love' - it makes running so easy + D:ream 'Things can only get better' (time to revamp the playlist me thinks


7th February 2012

Gym again today. 50 minutes of Fartlek interval training. Running for 4 then walking for 1 minute, then running for 4 minutes ...(you get the idea). I enjoyed this much more than i should. Infact I enjoyed this much more than I enjoyed getting up at 6.30am and driving through the fog outside - it was terrible and I couldn't see a bloomin' thing ! Anyway, I managed to run my fastest 4 minutes at the end of the 50 - does that make sense, so feeling pretty chuffed. I haven't changed my playlist yet, so it's still coldplay, 300, etc ...but I will get bored of that very soon. ...


Distance: 4.32 miles

Time Taken: 50 Mins (Fartlek)

Music - Nicks amazing running playlist.

Effects: Off to work now, so it must be good !


5th February 2012

The weekend update is here. Ran twice - first time was my slowrun on saturday for about 30 minutes. I find that one so easy that I cannot discuss it any longer. But my lurgie has gone ! Anyway... Unfortunately it snowed on Saturday night. A lot. A great amount infact. By the time I awoke on sunday, it was at least 15 feet deep !! (male exaggeration - meaning about a foot in reality). Undeterred I told my wife that I would at least attempt the route we had mapped out on saturday: Woburn to Eversholt to Ridgemont, through the Woburn Estate, then home. By the way, I have bought myself some really cool new running gear, it keeps me very warm plus I look the part now (the part being a right 'nana).  I have to say that I really enjoyed today's run. So much so, that I took some pictures (follow the link below to see them). I have started taking energy gels along the way to keep me 'energerised', they seemed to work. I ran all the way through the snow, it was great fun. The occasional slip and slide keeping me awake. The big problems started when I got into the estate area - it was all white, no points of reference at all !! I couldn't figure out which way to go ( I even called my wife for help). As you can see from the pictures, it was just a blank canvass. I tried and re-tried routes, but with no luck. Then a van pulled up alongside me - some help you may think ? no. It was someone from the Woburn estate telling me off for running off the pathways!! 'Tell me where the pathways are !' I moaned back...but he gave me a stern look and then drove off. So, for the next fifteen minutes I ran EXTRA miles trying to find my way back towards Woburn (via some nice Deer picture taking). Finally I found my pathway and realised I was only about ten minutes from home ! The snow had removed all my landmarks. Anyway, a very pleasing two hour run with about 12 miles under the belt me reckons. I still had the energy to take the kids down to the park for snowball fights....there is hope yet that I may complete this. So follow this link to realise the scale of the snow and my run through it today. Keep that sponsorship flowing in folks !!

Distance: 12 miles at least !!

Time Taken:30 minutes / 2  hours ( yes a record folks!)

Music: More of Nicks running playlist - Usher, Velvet Revolver, D:ream and Nelly Furtado - good stuff.

Effects: feel surprisingly good. - yay !!


2nd February 2012

Good Golly Miss Molly !! I have the stinking lurgie yet again. I blame the kids for this. Anyway, work has been tough this week, let alone training. I attempted the gym today WHY WHY WHY ?? It was totally pointless. I couldn't even run!! Anyway, Instead of giving up I decided to walk uphill fast for 15 minutes, cycle fast and then walk on the cross trainer (why do I keep wanting to say cross dresser?). Followed by some serious weights and a nice shower. I am feeling pretty down about it all this week - hopefully just the lurgie keeping me at arms length. But I could do with moral boosting sponsorship. Onwards and upwards though. Already planning my long run for sunday. My knees are starting to ache all the time - any ideas blog readers? email if you have any amazing remedies  ...have a great weekend folks...p.s. I wore my MKCO t-shirt today for the first time ( positive advertising folks)

Distance: No Idea

Time Taken:1 hour

Music: More of Nicks running playlist - Coldplay, Ting tings, girls aloud (oh dear aren't I sad)

Effects: The Lurgie sweats/ knee very sore..


29th January 2012

The weekend blog update - Impressed yet ? This one is split into two as I had to run both days this weekend. Part 1 was relatively easy - it stipulated an easy fun for 30 mins. I created a new playlist on my ipod, which was fun. I get bored of the same music and the change of styles makes sure I maintain a pace myself rather than to the beat of the music. I ran around the lake in the Woburn estate. It wasn't particularly challenging, but got me home in time for the football (well done Liverpool - two Manchester teams beaten in a week). Part 2 is a totally different matter. My longest and furthest run so far. I was actually concerned about this one as any failure now would really hit me pyschologically. BUT I am proud to report that I made it, sweated lots and pushed myself a great deal. The route I had mapped out (see friday's update) took me across public footpaths (very muddy), fields, roads and through the Woburn estate to Eversholt and back. Due to the uneven ground I twisted and turned my way through the pathways a little. I also got lost, which added to my mileage, and to my concern of being part of some 'victim of the slasher in the back of beyond' horror movie. Luckily I found my way back to Eversholt and got back to the Deer Park (many Deer staring at me as I huffed and puffed past them). Even more amazing is the fact that I had time left to run more. I completed the route in an hour (7 Miles) am I so fast ??? anyway I ran around one of the beautiful lakes in Woburn to add a little extra and complete my time/schedule. I should mention (because otherwise she'll feel left out), that my wife Emma cooked me a nice lunch afterwards and has promised to throw the occassional bucket of water over me if I flag (she's lovely really) - please sponsor me everyone - I am starting to believe that I can finish this race after all !!


Distance: 1.) 2.5 miles 2.) 9 miles

Time Taken: 1.) 30 mins 2) 90 mins

Music: Nicks new amazin' running playlist including Music for Royal Fireworks:Handel; Wires: Athelete; Renegade Master:Wildchild; Hard Faster...Daft Punk

After Effects: 1.) None - easy run 2.) Sore, tight muscles. Very dehydrated and my knees are suffering a lot. Unusual terrain causing fatigue


27th January 2012


Gym day again today - I actually put this run off for a day because I was quite concerned that I was finding it hard to completely catch my breath yesterday. Possibly a cold coming, but I didn't wanna risk struggling and also being set back mentally (I am sounding quite professional now aren't i?). So I went today. Nice 6.30am start with a car that needed about 10 minutes of defrosting - why am I doing this again? I went to Midsummer Breakfast yesterday, which actually gave a mention to the MK Marathon and asked participants to stand and take a bow. I also managed to give out a few sponsor forms to some unlucky guests at my table. I am actually more concerned about raising money than I am about the 26 or so miles I need to run in 3 months. I hope i gain many sponsors along the way. hopefully some via this blog. Music was great today - I am dreaming up a movie music concert for the Orchestra for 2013, so put on lots of Hans Zimmer, John Williams etc. It's really good stuff. Anyhoo - loads more running to do this weekend, so am going to look up new routes to run around Woburn. As always any comments can be sent to me at  - good weekend everyone (Liverpool v Man Utd tomorrow !)

Distance: 3.5miles

Time Taken: 40 mins

Music: Movie music - Batman, Pirates of the Caribbean, Backdraft, the Fifth Element, Saving Private Ryan

After Effects: Tired, but somewhat elated today ? at one point during my run I had the urge to cry with joy - endorphins? or the music from a Bugs Life maybe?


24th January 2012

Gym day today - my schedule said to run 2minutes and walk for 1 and continue the pattern for 30 minutes. I believe that this method of training has the name - Fartlek. Pure comedy name ! It's actually Swedish for 'speedplay' or english for -'Oh my god that hurts!' - actually the idea is to develop the aerobic part of the body by putting stress on it.  But I did it - I really enjoyed it actually. We had a huge family emergency this morning, so i've been up since 4.00am - not great news (no details,sorry) - so it was a chance to get away from it for a while. Very tired now and my knees are killing me ! Anyway, here are the info bits -

Distance: 2.74miles - Fartlek interval training

Time Taken: 30 mins

Music: Mostly pop, rock - I was too tired to enjoy it really. 'Every Tear Drop is a Waterfall' by Coldplay has a good pounding rhythm though.

After Effects: Knees Hurt, Chest aches - feel the deep burn, as Ron Burgundy may say ( rent Anchorman)


23rd January 2012

Well hello everyone! Whilst running yesterday I decided that it would be nice to keep everyone updated on my progress and basically provide a rather whimsical account of all the training that goes into marathon training for a total novice like me. We can all laugh, cry and empathise together. Hopefully this insight will help assist peeple to give me money as they may feel sorry for me. After all, without lots and lots of sponsorship, there isn't any point in all of this.

So, here is my first update. I have been training since September 2011 for the MK Marathon, which takes place on the streets of MK on 29th April 2012. Please excuse the text, content, subject and style. Its all written by me and as I think it.

I am following a beginner training schedule. I have had to learn to run. To teach my body to run and then and only then could I start my Marathon training. Since January 2012 I have been following my schedule. It gradually builds from short distances to much much further (Two weeks before the race I have to run for 2Hours 45 minutes !!). It is starting to feel tiring and very daunting - 26 miles is seriously inside my head. I am scared of the distance at the moment. But the more I run, the more do-able it seems. I really enjoying using my headphones and Ipod - It takes the running element away somewhat and I can 'get out of my head'. I also run two times a week at my gym in MK - Fitness First (tell your friends). I have had two t-shirts specially made up for the event which just state that I am running for 'Milton Keynes City Orchestra' - informative and a bit of free advertising for the Orchestra.

So here is how I am going to top off each entry. I am going to state what music got me though the last session, how far and how I feel. Yesterday was my last run -

Distance: 7.5 /8 Miles - via Woburn Sands, Woods and the Woburn Estate Deer Park( I live in Woburn btw)

Time Taken: 70 mins

Music: Mostly pop, rock - I mostly remember 'From a distance' by Nancy Griffiths and 'Remember Us' from the film the 300 (its brilliant)

After Effects: Feeling quite actually. It's given me confidence to go further, but my knees are starting to ache a bit. Bring on the next session