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 Classical Brilliance

Brilliance to dispel the nastiest weather

A downpour bordering on the torrential greeted the audience arriving for the latest of the Milton Keynes City Orchestra’s concerts. If it was wet outside the Theatre, it was brilliantly sunny inside, with Hilary Davan Wetton coaxing one of the finest performances from the orchestra. The highlight was Mozart’s justifiably popular ‘Jupiter’ symphony. It is one of those rare works that appeals to the newcomer to classical music as much as to the dusty academic – it abounds in memorable tunes, put together with a complexity that would delight the most avid puzzle solver. Wetton brought out the delight in this work and the audience responded enthusiastically.

The orchestra’s principal trumpet, Tim Hawes, played the most popular concerto ever written for his instrument. Haydn wrote few concertos that are still played but his trumpet concerto is justifiably top of the tree. It was good to hear it played in such an idiomatic and unfussy way.
Reviewer:  Roy Tipping

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