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Beautiful Beynons' Brilliance

Sisters Catherine and Emily Beynon were the guest soloists with the City Orchestra at the Milton Keynes Theatre last Sunday. Catherine Beynon is now principal harp with the Luxembourg Symphony Orchestra, recently having left the Royal Theatre Orchestra in Copenhagen, and Emily Beynon is principal flute with one of the world's great orchestras, the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Their performance together of Mozart delightful concerto for flute and harp showed why they are in such demand, both as soloists and as featured orchestral players. It was as delightful a performance as you could ever hope to hear. Conductor Hilary Davan Wetton pointed out that this was the first time this work had been heard in Milton Keynes and it is a pity that such a gem should have to wait until nearly thirty years after the founding of the orchestra.

Emily Beynon also gave a performance of a work commissioned and performed by the City Orchestra for the opening season of the Theatre some five years ago.Jonathan Dove is a composer who likes to communicate with his audience and "The Magic Flute Dances" is a charming, and, at time, surprising work that appeals immediately. It was delightful that Dove was able to attend this performance and join Beynon and Wetton on stage after a fine performance. Works by Mozart and Prokofiev opened and closed this pleasing concert of refreshing music in a classical idiom.

Reviewer: Roy Tipping

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