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  Review of Going for Baroque

Milton Keynes' own professional orchestra gave a scintillating performance of four concertos last Sunday at the Milton Keynes Theatre.  The seasonal theme came from a delightful rendition of an early concerto by the 17th century Italian master, Corelli.  The last movement of this concerto is a gentle depiction of the shepherds in the fields above Bethlehem at the first Christmas.  The small orchestra produced a wonderful portrait which the appreciative audience enjoyed with rapt attention.  Bach wrote six concertos for the Margrave of Brandenburg.  The MKCO is presenting them in two parts and the final three were given at this concert.  The ensemble was directed in the fourth and fifth Brandenburgs by violin soloist Diana Cummings who was joined by other soloists chosen from the orchestra.  The sixth Brandenburg is a dark hued masterpiece which has no violins.  For a rare treat, the principal viola of the orchestra, Donald McVay, was the director and principal soloist.  The performance was no less memorable than those for the full orchestra.  Don't miss the remaining three Brandenburg concertos on 9th May - they promise to be another treat.


Reviewer:  Roy Tipping

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