Glorious Spirit


Milton Keynes Theatre

02 May 2010


Egmont Overture - Beethoven
Bassoon Concerto no.1 - Mozart
Symphony no.3 - Schumann

A concert celebrating the bicentenary of one of the most beloved composers and rarely performed gem by one of the most celebrated classical composers.

"Here are three well-known and solidly classical pieces - however, each one is uniquely unusual and surprisingly original. Imagine sitting at a concert during Beethoven's lifetime and hearing the huge rhetorical statements of the beginning of Egmont for the first time...and the contrasts between the immense opening  public grandeur and the following self-doubt and hand-wringing that eventually leads to the whirlwind allegro. The music is far removed from the standard overture format of the period and must have been quite amazing at the time - it still is!

I am absolutely delighted that our Principal bassoon player, John Whitfield, is going to feature as a soloist in this concert. He will be performing a concerto, which Mozart wrote when he was just 18, for what was a relatively new instrument of the time.

As one of the most famous Romantic composers of the 19th century, Schumann acheived his greatest success with Symphony no.3; a bright and optimistic work, which, unusuallyfor and Orchestral Symphony, has five movements in total."

Conductor - Sian Edwards

Soloist - John Whitfield

Milton Keynes City Orchestra

Finishing Time - Approximately 21:30

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