Your Visit

What to expect when you come to a concert


Is there a dress code?
No, we don't have a dress code, other than for the people on stage! Please come as you feel comfortable – jeans and trainers are perfectly acceptable, but if you would like to dress more smartly, please do.

When should I clap?
A well-debated question this one!  In the UK traditionally the audience claps at the end of a piece of music, rather than after each movement . If you are unclear about a work, please refer to your programme as a guide as to how many movements there are. If in doubt we suggest that you follow others in the audience.

How do I receive concert details and offers from the Orchestra?
If you wish to receive Orchestra news and concert details please contact the orchestra office and ask for your details to be added onto our mailing list. Please e-mail or call 01908 684116 or click here to join the mailing list


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