Concert Feedback

Date Posted:24/10/2014

Wednesday 14th January 2015

Conductor: Damian Iorio



  • Mozart, Overture to Magic Flute
  • Sibelius, Symphony No. 3
  • Brahms, Symphony No. 1


"The Brahms Symphony No. 1 was as good as we've heard it, either in live performance or recorded"

"My wife and I agreed that the concert was just about the best that we can remember.  I loved the Sibelius symphony. The important woodwind parts seemed to be done very well, and the low strings in particular sounded especially good to me"

"The opening of the Brahms symphony really sounded as if very serious stuff was on the way... deep issues raised! I've never heard those regular timpani strokes right at the beginning sound so ‘grabbing’.  And... the horns didn't let us down near the beginning of the last movement, which left us going out thinking that we really had heard a great symphony"

"Damian is a brilliant conductor - he takes the orchestra to a new level and deserves to be more widely celebrated"

"Damian’s conducting style was graceful and completely ‘in tune’ with the respective pieces"

"A hugely enjoyable concert, up to the standard of any that I've heard MKCO do"



Reviews by members of the audience at past performances ....


The orchestra has "taken off to a completely new level under Damian Iorio.  There was tremendous energy and terrific ensemble playing."   

"The orchestra was on top form – one of their best performances. "

"Damian Iorio conducted with authority and verve."

"We very much enjoyed the evening as a whole and the selection of music and the performances of the orchestra and conductor in particular."


And if you haven't yet been to The Venue at Walton High School, the following feedback on past MKCO concerts there should encourage you...

 "Our first experience with the Venue was good and the seats comfortable."

 "A fine venue."

 "Comfort and sound quality fine. The cello filled the area; ideal for a smaller orchestra."


Jamie Walton, the 'cello soloist, is a highly talented rising star.  You can read more about him at

Tickets: £10 and £22 (under 18's £5)

... and while you are at it, note the other MKCO concerts at The Venue over the coming months - book now!