Please convey my warmest thanks to all the Patrons who so generously contributed to the splendid portrait with which I was presented at my leaving dinner. The dinner itself was a memorable occasion: high quality food, excellent wine and many old friends in support (and a number of younger ones too!) But of course dinners, like concerts (alas!) fade from the memory. The portrait will be a permanent reminder of thirty two years of my life spent making music in Milton Keynes - and of the many friendships formed during that time.

I would like also to thank all those who came to my final concert in the Theatre; this was an emotionally charged evening for me, and I was touched by the warmth both of the audience and of the players. My gratitude to both constituencies is huge; I wish everyone concerned with the Orchestra a very happy 2008, and look forward to my first visit as Conductor Emeritus next season.

With warmest regards to you all,

Hilary Davan Wetton



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