The Orchestra would like to thank its Patrons, whose support enables us to keep music live both on stage and within the community. Thank you.

Mrs M Abrahams

Mrs C Adams

Mr P Allen

Mr and Mrs B Anderson

Mrs E Bald

Mr and Mrs P Barnes

Mr R Bates

Mrs R Beckett

Mr M Benn

Mrs E Bodill

Mr A Boswell

Mr and Mrs J Bowden

Mr and Mrs M Brighton

Mr D Brooks

Mr D Chamberlain

Mr B Clark

Mr and Mrs D Clinch

Mrs P Coombes

Mr and Mrs A Cooper

Mr L Cowley MBE

Mr C Dancaster

Mr and Mrs P de Fraine

Ms L  De Glen

Mr S Elsmore

Dr and Mrs D Evans

Mr J Glasse

 The Hon and Mrs R Godber

Mr C Goddard

Mrs S Gordon-Wilson

Mr and Mrs J Grafftey-Smith

Mr and Mrs D Hadfield

Mr and Dr R Hart

Ms C Hawkins

Dr PJ Haynes

Mr and Mrs D Head

Mr and Mrs F Henshaw

Mrs R Hill

Mr and Mrs B Hogan

I E Humprhies

Dr and Mrs B Hundy

Mr and Mrs K Jennings

Mw W J King

Mrs C Konig

Dr A Limb CBE DL

Mr and Mrs D Livingstone

Miss L Llewellen

Mrs J Lloyd

Mr and Mrs P Lousada

Mrs H Macario

Mr and Mrs D MacDonald

Ms J MacPhearson

Mr and Mrs M Mann

Mr and Mrs P Martin

Mr R Maycock

Miss M McGowan

Mrs J Merrill

Mr and Mrs G Missen

Mrs B Mitchell

Mrs B Mortimer

Mrs E Newell

Mrs A Nicholson

Mr and Mrs P North

Mr S Parker

Mr and Mrs E  Payton

Ms D Porteous

Mr and Mrs P Rawcliffe

Mrs A Rhodes

Mr A Ripper

Mrs R Robeson

Rushford & McCarville

Mr and Mrs C Scott

Mr and Mrs A Sheldon

Mr K Siddons

Dr and Mrs P Singer

Mr and Mrs I Smith

Mr and Mrs N Smith

Dr P Smith

Sir John and Lady Southby

Mr I Stewart MP

Professor K Straughan

Mme F Swan-Guegueniat

Si Peter and Lady Thompson

Mr P J Thorogood

Mr and Mrs N Turnbull

Mr and Mrs J Walker

Mr P Waterman

Mr P Webster

Mr P Wetton

Dr B Wharton

Rev and Mrs Whysall

Mr and Mrs M Williams

Mr and Mrs Wolfendale

Mr G and Mrs Woodfine